Partnering for Impact

Partnering for Impact is a RADx-UP initiative to support the preparation of consortial publications. This process includes a set of steps and support mechanisms for the development, preparation, and review of scholarly products (abstracts, scientific presentations, manuscripts) derived from information and data aggregated from RADx-UP research project teams.

For more information watch the Partnering for Impact Overview video here

The RADx-UP Publications Policy for consortial research products sets the guidelines and requirements related to the RADx-UP consortial publications process. Please refer to this policy for more details.

Learn & Engage

Attend workshops to better understand the Partnering for Impact process, the RADx-UP Data Dashboard, and more. You can also work with your team on various steps in the process using SharePoint or Box as a storage platform

  • Calendar— Find upcoming workshops & office hours. 
  • Meeting Toolkit— Search "Partnering for Impact" to explore recordings and slides for past events and workshops.
  • Storage Platforms— Explore options to store documents and work together in editing during your introductory meeting with the Publications Operations team.
  • Resources— Learn more about the process and tools available to your teams for collaborative writing.
Request Support

At any time during the Partnering for Impact process, you may request support here for a variety of activities. The CDCC provides writing workshops and editorial reviews, as well as statistical and informatics support. 

Submit an Analysis Concept

Generate an idea for a research question and submit an analysis concept. Please note: The deadline for submission of a new Analysis Concept is May 31, 2024.

Analyses including race/ethnicity: Nondiscriminatory language and analytic approaches are mandatory for all submissions. If race/ethnicity is proposed as a variable in a Concept submission, please explicitly state why race/ethnicity was assessed, how individuals were classified, what the classifications were, and whether the investigators or the participants selected the classifications.


For more information on this requirement, please consult the RADx-UP Publications Policy (v1.5).  Additional resources are available here.

Data Readiness Assessment

The CDCC will keep you informed on progress of data availability to ensure timely completion of your analysis proposal.  If data are already available to support your concept, our team will coordinate completion of the next step in the process.

Submit an Analysis Proposal

Assemble your writing team, collaborate with a community partner, then prepare and submit an Analysis Proposal. To learn more about who can be a community partner, please check this document.

Analyze and Write

Complete and submit your Statistical Analysis Plan. Our team will review your Statistical Analysis Plan and provide you with your dataset so that you can write and edit your manuscript. After completion, submit your manuscript to the CDCC (at

Prepare for Publication

Submit your manuscript to our Publications & Dissemination Committee for final review by emailing to Upon approval from PDC, you may submit your manuscript to your chosen journal. Keep us informed when your publication is accepted!

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